We do not accept returns. After the completion of your set, a picture/video can be sent prior to shipping to modify your order to your liking, if needed.
Sizing kits are available for purchase. Sizing charts and instructions on how to measure are available on the site. We are not responsible if your set is too small/large.
Please be sure that your address is correct at the time you check out. All orders are currently shipped via USPS and UPS. If you would like expedited shipping, please select that option at checkout. We are not responsible for the package after it is in USPS/UPS care. For example, if the package is delivered to the incorrect address or if you left off an apartment/suite number, ZeeNailedIt is not responsible. Your package is mailed off to the address you provided on your order. If the package is returned to sender, we can re-ship to you. 
After receiving your order, please allow 2-3 business days for your set to be brought to life. Tracking numbers will be sent upon completion.


We do not offer exchanges based on sanitary terms. You will have to purchase a new set.



Q: What makes your press ons different?

A: There is a thin line between basic and being that girl and we strive to skate above the line of being that girl. Each nail is handmade with love and detail. Nails with Zee are made with high quality products only. They are sturdy and leave you feeling as if you just left the salon. We keep up with the latest nail trends so that you can have neck turning nails! The goal is to always make sure your expectations are exceeded. They are beautiful and give you instant luxury.


Q: Are press ons reusable?

A: Yes! They are reusable up to six to eight times with proper application and care.


Q: How long do your press on last?

A: 1-4 weeks with proper application and care. Prep of the natural nail goes a long way. Make sure to file/clip down your nails, push your cuticles back, and buff the nail bed with buffer. Clean thoroughly with an alcohol wipe to make sure there's no dust/oil on your natural nail bed.


Q: How many nails do I get per set?

A: You will receive 10 nails based on your selected/custom size


Q: Do I need to purchase my own glue?

A: No. Each set comes with KDS nail glue, an application guide, nail file, buffer, alcohol wipe, cuticle pusher, as well as a buffer for prep. If you order more than one set, you’ll receive a kit for each set.

Q: I received my nails. There is a tacky/sticky layer on the inside of the nail. Is this normal?

A: Yes! That it primer. We are aware that everyone does not have primer on hand, so we apply two coats after your order is complete. Primer bonds the press on nails to the natural nail plate for a longer and lasting wear. 

Q: How do I know my size?

A: Sizing kits are available for purchase for your shape and length of interest. You can also follow the “Sizing Chart” tab for sizing/measurement information. You can always email or DM us for additional assistance.


Q: Do you accept custom orders?

A: Yes! Custom orders are accepted through email or DM on any of our social media platforms. IG and TikTok @ZeeNailedIt_ FB @Zee Nailed It and Twitter @ZeeNailedIt


Q: Are the nails safe? Do they bend?

A: Our nails are safe and easy to apply and remove. They are non-damaging to the natural nail plate. Our nails do not bend. There are no issues of bending when tapping, opening, or simply moving around. They are nails of high quality.


Q: How do I remove them?

A: In a bowl, add warm water, oil (baby or cooking), and dish soap. Soak your nails for 10-15 minutes. After the timeframe, go in with the flat side of your cuticle pusher from your application kit and gently push the nail off. Soak the press ons by themselves for another 10 minutes for the leftover glue to come off. Take the buffer and gently buff off any access glue from the natural nail. Pat your press ons dry and store them for the next use!